Improve Your Public Speaking Voice with Superb bits of Advice

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Your voice is your most important tool when you speak. This affects the strength of your speech and can make or break the quality of your speech. Luckily, you can learn to use your voice, just like playing a musical instrument, to increase your power and persuasiveness in any conversation or speech you give.

Use Voice Drills

The voice of humans is like a muscle. Exercise and use will make them stronger. Some weak-voiced people have become strong, confident speakers by building up their voices with exercise over time.

Here is one example. Memorize a piece of poetry and periodically read it while driving or walking around. Imagine making a dramatic presentation on a stage, in front of a large crowd of people. Place in words emotion and power and accent and power. Go along slowly. Change the emphasis in the line of poetry on every word, thus changing the meaning of the line.

Speak Slow and Softly

As you talk more gradually, there is more strength and authority in your voice. There’s an opportunity for your listeners to learn and comment on what you say. All-powerful people speak slowly, make clear pronouncements, and express themselves with confidence. Talking loud, positive, is strong and moveable.

Your pitch rises when you talk too fast, often to something squeaky and kind of childish. This reduces the impact of your words and your influence on the audience as listeners are downgrading the importance or meaning of what you say.

Record your voice and listen to it

Record yourself reading poetry or parts of plays as you grow the capacity to speak forcefully. Replay these videos time and time again, finding ways to improve the speech, presentation, and pacing.

Record your phone Conversations

You will improve your vocal competence level by capturing and listening to your side of the conversations afterward. Every time you record your voice and play it back, you’ll hear different ways that you can improve your delivery and articulation next time.

Emphasis on Pauses

A speech’s suspense and strength are found in the silences you build when you pass from one stage to another. There are four types of pauses that you can use to add more strength to your presentations. They are, “The Sense Pause”“The Dramatic Pause”“The Emphatic Pause”, and “The Sentence-Completion Pause”.

Eat and Drink Proper

Energy is necessary for proper transmission of speech and voice. Eat lightly before having a short conversation. This means that when you start speaking, you are bright and alert and that your brain is working at its best.

It is essential to eat well before having a long talk. A solid, high protein breakfast or lunch will give you four to five hours of energy to burn. Protein is food for the brain and you need it to think effectively and speak. Your voice stays strong, and your mind stays clear.

Just drink room temperature water before and during your speech, to ensure the best possible sound. Cold water can make your vocal cords chill and reduce the amount of warmth in your voice. It can be difficult to speak clearly when you have a sore throat and to project that voice. If this happens, drink lots of honey and lemon juice on hot water. On several times, the miraculous combination has rescued me.

You will drastically improve your speaking voice by following these 6 steps. You will feel empowered by the feeling of trust and preparation that will follow the practice of these skills. It’s a perfect way to overcome any stage fright you’d be struggling with in front of big crowds.